VOICI LA LISTE DES CD EDITES PAR LE LABEL BAXTER . Tous à l'2poque était de qualité soundboard et de plus inédits  

Just Pretend
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
It's A Matter Of Time
Opening Night '69
If You Talk In Your Sleep
Steamroller Blues
Bicenntial Elvis Experience
Moody Blue & Other..
Elvis at Full Blast
Spanish Eyes
A Profile Vol. 1
Desert Storm
Desert Storm
Lean, Mean And Kicking Butt
A Profile Vol. 2
Goodbye Memphis
Goodbye Memphis
..And The King For Dessert
Get Down And Get With It
Brightest Star..Vol. 1
Brightest Star..Vol. 2
A Hot Winter Night In Dallas
Thank You Very Much
Kansas City Blues
Last Tango In Tahoe
Shaking Up The Great Lakes



 ce label fait partie des meilleurs qui ont édité des CD Bootlegs non seulement par la qualité de son excellente , la présentation est vraiment super surtout les 6 premiers qui n'ont rien a envier des Cd officiels

Old Times They Are Not Forgotten
Let Me Take You Home
Holding Back The Years
All Things Are Possible
Here I Go Again
From Sunset Blvd To Paradise Rd
Best Of Diamond
Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind
My It's Been A Long, Long Time



Ce label est celui qui nous fit dcouvrir des prises studio alternatives de toutes les époques confondues de  54à 77 en passant par les sessions de 69 ,sans oblier bien sur les doubles "THERE'S ALWAYS ME"

Elvis Rocks Little Rock
Lost On Tour
Stax Trax
Lost On Tour - The Sequel
Request Box Show
More Pure Elvis
The Other Side Of Memphis
Hang Loose
The Best Of The Lost Binaural Takes
There's Always Me
There's Always Me Vol 2
There's Always Me Vol 3
There's Always Me Vol 4
G.I. Blues Anniversary Edition
G.I. Blues Anniversary Edition Vol 2
American Crown Jewels
Girl Happy At The World's Fair
Finding The Way Home
Coming On Strong
Bilko Gold Cuts
The American Way Vol. 1
The American Way Vol. 2
The American Way Vol. 3
The American Way Vol. 4
The American Way Vol. 5






STRAIGHT ARROW fait partie des labels qui a su faire peruve d'évolution dans tous les sens du termes , les premiers étaient de qualité moyenne , les tous derniers démontrent une forte envie de faire plaisir aux fans que se soit en son ou esthétique des boitiers classique en plastique au superbe présentation actuelle ! SA a su appâter les fans par ce coté esthétique et soigné de la présentation et de de qualité en sort un succès pour les fans  

Pieces Of My Life
Tennessee Starlight
Going Back In Time
Chaos In College Park
Red Hot In Vegas
Kicking And Rolling
High Sierra Fever
Rock Back The Clock
Royal Gambit In Richfield
Trying To Get To You
Countdown To Christmas
The Last Vegas Opening Night
A Change Of Mind
Here Come The Stars
Karate Fever
Faded Love
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
A Private Audience With The King
Funny How Time Slips Away
Matinee Majesty
You'll Never Walk Alone
Atlanta Bound
Down At The End Of Paradise Rd
Ok, Allright, You Win
A Triple Threat
Before Darkness Falls
Watching Dreams Turn Into Ashes
Labor Day Madness
Lonesome Summer Breeze
Christmas Lights On A Friday Night
Amore Elvis
Wednesday Night Roll Over!
With A Humble Heart
Chicago Double Strike
Left A Good Job In The City
Hot Love In A Long, Cold Winter
Southern Gypsy Magic
To Live And Die In Dixie
Tanya For Dinner
Loosin' Out In Vegas
Living From Day To Day Chasing A Dream
Endless Summer Festival
Sin City's Hottest Ticket
Walkin' Talkin' Glitz City Blues
On A Winning Streak
Adios Lincoln
Rattling Plates, Aces'n'Eights
A New Decade, A New Sound
The King Hold's Court
Lightening Strikes Twice
Meet Me At...Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe
Loose As A Goose!
Doin' The Best I Can
Almost Done, Folks!
Hot To Trot!
Ol' Snake Hips Is In Town


You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
El Goes El Paso
Keep The Fire Burning
Across The Country
Across The Country Vol. 2
ADIOS Huntsville
High Voltage
The Request Box
Elvis Back With A Bang!
Talk Of The Town
April Fool's Dinner
Stranger In The Crowd
Twenty Days & Nights
Let Me Be The One
The Final Homecoming
Springtime Tours '76 - '77
At Full Force
In The Heart Of Georgia
Fifth Time Around
San Francisco Blues
Autumn Gold
Aloha Jerry!
Houston, We Have A Problem
The Creeping Crud Express
Things Get Loose In Tuscaloosa
Echoes Of Aloha
City Of Angels



From The Vaults Vol. 1
Because Of Love Vol. 1
From The Vaults Vol. 2
Follow That Dream
Something For Everybody/Pot Luck
Soldier Boy Is Back
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy!
Echoes Of Love Sessions
Elvis In Girls! Girls! Girls!
The Jailhouse Rock Sessions
The Best Of Blue Hawaii Sessions
Because Of Love Vol. 2
From The Vaults Vol. 3
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Anything That's Part Of You
For Movie Fans Only Vol. 1
For Movie Fans Only Vol. 2
For Movie Fans Only Vol. 3
The Best of G. I. Blues sessions
The Roots Of Elvis
Loving You (Promo)
Backstage With Elvis
The Long Lost Homerecordings
International Earthquake
Fun In Acapulco
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Have Some Fun Tonight
Caught In The Act
Something Old, Something New
Turning Up The Heat in Las Vegas
King Of The Neon Jungle
In Dreams Of Yesterday
Aztec King
Slippin' and Slidin' With Elvis
Charlston Rocks
Last Time In Portland
A Dinner Bell In Vegas
Last Time In Portland
On The Road Again
Shinging In Portland
The Cover Up
Las Vegas In Gypsy Style
Now - Or Never!
The Continuing Story Of Memory Records
I Did It My Way
Let Me Be There
The Midnight Hour
Rocking Northwest
Las Vegas Moonlight
Springtime In Nevada
Better Than Ever
Lightening Storm In Florida
At The Top Of The Game
Autumn Revival
The Spirit Of Sin City
Encore In Lake Tahoe
Trouble In Vegas
Raised In Vegas
Grand Roulette At The Sahara
California Wave
Burst Of Fire
Elvis At The Bay



Vegas Rhythm
You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country
The Brightest Star On Sunset Blvd
Plugged In & Geared Up
Return Of A Prodigy
A Day In Dayton
Get Down And Dirty
Summer Festival - Continues At Full Blast
Hilton's All Shook Up
Good To Be Back
Spanish Eyes By Request!
Spanish Eyes By Request!
Star-Spangled Spectacular
Summer You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country Vol. 2
Snowbird Revisted
Only Believe
Elvis In Concert
Leaner And Meaner Than Ever

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