ma collection vynils 33T

Titres  Label Année  Origine simple /double
His hand in mine  pure gold series 1975 Canada S
the complete on tour session 3 VICKY  0213 1989 Italie S
Elvis aaron Presley RCA 1980 USA S
RCA 1980 France D
ELVIS RCA 1981 France S
He touched me RCA 1972 Italie S
Elvis ' gold records vol 2 RCA 1971 France S
Loving you  RCA ? France S
A legendary performer vol 4 RCA 1983 Allemagne S
Elvis ' gold records vol 2 RCA 1969 France S
King créole RCA 1968 France S
Elvis in person/Back in Memphis
RCA 1969 France D
" " " " " "
the definitive gospel album
BMG 1987 Benelux D
" " "
CAMBRA 1982 Angleterre D
elvis music vol 7 RCA 1983 France S
GI blues  RCA 1983 Allemagne S
please don't stop lovin' me CAMDEN 1983 Angleterre S
Original soundtraks recording NBC TV RCA 1983 Allemagne S
MEMORIES of 68 TCB RECORDS 1989 Italie S
Lost on Tour  BILKO 1989 Corée S
blue hawaii RCA 1971 France D
Elvis aaron Presley disc 8  RCA 1980 USA S
Elvis for Everyone  RCA 1983 France S
I was the one  RCA 1983 Allemagne S
the greatest show on earth candlelite 1978 USA S
40 Greatest disque 1
RCA 1980 Angleterre D
40 Greatest disque 2
Speedway RCA 1968 France S
for Lp fans only RCA 1965 Allemagne S
Elvis mess of blues premier 1989 Angleterre S
Hw great thou art RCA 1981 France S
he walk beside me  RCA 1978 France S
king of rock 'n'roll disque 1
RCA 1975 France D
king of rock 'n'roll disque 2
this is elvis  RCA 1981 France D
harem holiday RCA 1980 Angleterre S
On stage RCA 1983 France S
recorded live on stage in Memphis RCA 1974 USA S
our memories  RCA 1979 USA S
Elvis forever vol 3
RCA 1982 Allemagne D
A legendary performer vol 4 RCA 1983 USA S
rockin in lovin  RCA France D
50,000 000 elvis fans can't be wrong RCA 1978 Canada S
DOUBLE TROUBLE RCA 1980 Angleterre S
40 greatest
RCA 1978 Angleterre D
Bitmap Bitmap
portrait of a star
RCA 1987 France coffret 3
You never walk alone RCA 1971 Allemagne S
elvis golden records RCA 1958 Allemagne S
elvis 56 RCA 1996 France S
Good times music record 1985 USA S
guitar man RCA 1980 France S
Fool RCA 1973 France S
elvis on tour RCA 1986 E,C S
good trocking tonight RCA 1980 France S
rock my soul arc  ? Mexique S
homerecorded S
legendary peformer vol 3 RCA 1978 USA S
elvis is back RCA 1960 USA S
elvis first years  RCA 1983 Allemagne S
flaming star RCA 1983 France S
moody blue RCA 1977 France S
today RCA 1975 France S
elvis forevr vol 4 RCA 1986 Allemagne D
C'mon everybody CAMDEN 1971 USA S
Loving you  RCA 1964 USA S
greatest hit vol 1 RCA 1981 France S
rare elvis  RCA 1983 France S
american trilogy
imperial records 1978 Angleterre coffret 3
elvis record vol 4 RCA 1968 France S
madison square garden RCA 1983 France S
welcome to my world RCA 1977 Angleterre S
the elvis medley RCA 1982 France S
our memories vol 2 RCA 1979 France S
unreleased tracks tonto ? ? S
elvis in hollywood RCA 1976 France D
disque de platine  RCA France S
A legendary performer vol 1 RCA 1973 Allemagne S
elvis live K-tel 1981 France S
a legendary performer  vol 2 RCA 1976 Allemagne S
a canadian tribute RCA 1978 Canada S
aloha from hawaii
RCA 1973 France D
elvis la legende 
RCA 1990 France D
I got lucky CAMDEN 1983 Angleterre S
elvis golden records vol 3 RCA 1978 France S
I can't help  RCA 1987 Angleterre S
recorded live on stage in Memphis RCA 1980 France S
love letters from elvis  RCA dynaflex 1983 Allemagne S
elvis presley boulevard  RCA 1976 Allemagne S
good times RCA  1974 Allemagne S
clambake  RCA 1977 Allemagne S
pictures of elvis  RCA 1980 Angleterre S
The womderful world of christmas RCA 1980 France S
double dynamite
in the 70's 28 greatest hits
RCA 1975 Australie D
album d'or  RCA 1982 France S
I got lucky RCA 1971 USA S
elvis is back RCA 1983 France S
elvis fool RCA 1973 USA S
Vegas fever graceland record USA S
ELVIS in concert
RCA 1977 Allemagne D
ELVIS NOW RCA 1971 Japon S
ELVIS NOW RCA 1971 France S
Memphis tennesse RCA 1983 France S
sweet carolina  vicky 1990 Italie S
the return of tiger man  tiger 10000 1991 Italie S
20 love songs K-tel 1979 France S
elvis 'gold records vol 4 RCA 1968 France S
elvis aaron Presley disc 6  RCA 1980 USA S
elvis aaron presley disc 2 RCA 1980 USA S
Memories of christmas  RCA 1982 France S
elvis forever vol1 32 hits and story of a king
RCA 1974 France D
promised land RCA 1975 Allemagne S
softly as I leave you 
music record 1985 USA D
rock me gently astra S
separate ways  CAMDEN 1973 Angleterre S
elvis country RCA 1983 Allemagne S
that's the way it is  RCA 1983 France S
pot luck RCA 1962 USA S
solid rock
RCA 1975 France D
the complete on tour session vol 2 vicky 1989 Italie S
elvis in hollywood RCA 1976 Allemagne S
elvis flaming star CAMDEN 1983 Angleterre S
from ELVIS to memphis RCA 1980 France S
separate ways  PICWICK 1972 USA S
The teen age  rage his master's voice 1990 Angleterre S
california holiday RCA 1980 France S
girls, girls, girls RCA 1983 Allemagne S
america's own geneva 1980 D
something for everybody RCA 1983 Allemagne S
kissin's cousin RCA 1983 Angleterre S
rubberneckin BMG 2003 hollande S
return to sender  CAMDEN 1981 Angleterre S

MES 45T et EP

we can make the morning/until it's time for to go

He touched me/ Bosom of Abraham

moody blue/she think I still care

don't be cruel / fame and fortune

burning love/it's matter of time

T.R.O.U.B.L.E/mr songman

Hurt/for the heart

edge of reality /If i can dream

In the ghetto/any day now

I really don't want to know/There goes my everything

It's Now or never/ A mess of blues

Rags to Riches/ Where Did they go lord

only believe/Life

take good care of her/I've got think about baby

Way down/Pledging my love

suspicious minds/You think of me


BLUE HAWAII fACE 1= No more- almost always true face 2 = Rock a lula baby-can't help falling in love

FOLLOW THAT DREAM face 1 Follow that dream-angel Face 2 What a wonderful life- I'm not the marrying kind

SURRENDER face 1 Surrender-lonely man Face 2 flaming star- summer kisses winter tears